Our online community for Winners who are serious about Connecting to reach their Goals and Grow their lives and or business.

What is a Circle?

The secret sauce to Assist U2 Win is our Winners’ Circles. Most underestimate The Power of Connections. We recognize the value of community and intentionally decide to connect on purpose for purpose. Our circles are individuals who share common interests, goals, and sometimes even career paths. The safe environment of trust allows for the following to occur: peer to peer accountability, learning through personal experiences, challenging conversations that allow for introspection and personal growth, and encouragement by the progress of other Winners working the #DGCP Process. The Dream, Growth, Change and Push Process.


As a member of Winners’ Circle, you will receive monthly messages from our CEO, Derrick Butts. His inspirational words will challenge and motivate you to keep winning in life! You will also be kept informed about new available Circles.

In your Winners’ Circle, you will have weekly access to communicate with your co members via our call hotline or forum boards. If you or your Winner Circle desire to be in touch more often, just contact your Circle Coach to find out any meeting times and dates.

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