June 15th – 17th –  Winner’s Weekend

Beaumont, TX. Three Day Event hosted by Harvest for Lost Souls & Assist U 2 Win.
Friday June 15th 8PM – MIDNIGHT – Midnight Basketball Camp
Saturday June 16th 10AM – 1PM  -Brunch & Crunch (with empowerment speakers).
Sunday June 17th 10AM & 11:15AM – Winners Empowerment Service.

August 19th – The Change Experience

Every dreamer must grow and as you grow things change. This experience teaches the listener how to deal with the new you. As one grows here are a few things that change along the way: My mindset, my money, my perspective, my friends and most importantly ME. Learn how to rearrange since the change.

November 4th – The Push Experience

Don’t quit now! You are closer than you’ve ever been and here’s what separate many from success and failure: the final moments. Can you push to the end? Can you keep your intensity level high through the finish line. Learn how to run through the tape and win because you didn’t give in.